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Our Mission Statement

The Abington Youth Volleyball League provides an opportunity for children in grades 3-8 to learn skills necessary to play volleyball. This is accomplished through non-competitive clinics as well as supervised games.  

However,  the coaches and board shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games or competitions is secondary, and the molding of future adults, consistent with the above stated objectives, is of prime importance.


What is the timeframe of the season?
The season will run from the March 1 to June 3rd, 2023.   These dates are tentative and subject to facility availability.

What are the practice and game days?
At this point, practices will take place during the week; the coach will provide that information. Games are on Fridays.  

Where are practices and games?
At this time, practices will hopefully be at Clarks Summit Elementary School.   Games will take place at either Clarks Summit Elementary school or Clarks Summit University's Rec Center. 

What are the divisions?
10U   (Birthdates between 7/1/2012-6/30/2014)
12U   (Birthdates between 7/1/2010-6/30/2012)
14U   (Birthdates between 7/1/2008-6/30/2010 )

What is the cost?
Early Bird: November 15-January 1
10U-$80, 12U-$105, 14U-$105
Normal Registration: January 1-February 15th
10U-$105, 12U-$120, 14U-$120
Late Registration: February 15-February 28th
10U-$130, 12U-$145, 14U-$145 

Can I request a specific coach/teammate/practice day?
We cannot accept any requests for specific coaches. If there is a reason for needing certain teammates or practice dates (such as carpooling, other activities, etc.), please enter a comment or send an email, and we will attempt to honor your request. However, we cannot make any promises to do so.

My child is in quarantine due to Covid-19. When can he/she return to volleyball?
AYVL will follow the Abington Heights School District policy on quarantine.

If a child is in quarantine awaiting a test due to symptoms, the child may return once a negative test is received as long as they are fever free for 24 hours. If you are not sure the child can return, please get in touch with your coach.

Contact Us

Abington Youth Volleyball League

Phone: 570-500-2404